Business Development

Nobody gets paid until someone sells something. Business Development is the art and process of finding, negotiating, and closing new business for companies.

Learn the steps of the business development process, how to handle inbound inquiries and out-bound communications, and use highly valued tools and technologies that companies are looking for.


The Eolo Business Development Fellowship includes:

Industry Overview

What is business development? Why are so many people choosing business development as a path to a corporate career?

The Sales Process

Understand what pipelines, funnels, and the different stages the selling process has. Learn about prospecting, using tech to stay organized, and the psychology of the buying process.

Email Techniques

Use new technologies to reach out, engage, and nurture relationships via email.

Communication 101

How do the best sales people communicate? Through storytelling, persuasion. Learn best practices in each of these critical business areas.

Presentation Skills

Hard skills are great, but soft-skills are the key to getting ahead in your career. Learn how to communicate your ideas with compelling pitches.

Connect with Experts

Multiple business development experts will drop in for in-depth discussions around their careers, industries, and advice.

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Meet Your Instructor

Prof Chip Ransler is an award-winning social entrepreneur, marketing expert, and instructor.

Assistant Professor, Public Ivy university

Prof Ransler teaches entrepreneurship in a top-3 business school. LinkedIn

Adjunct Professor, Top-5 MBA Program

Prof Ransler teaches digital marketing and "hot topics in marketing" at a top-5 MBA program.

Former Exec. Director, HackCville

Chip pioneered blending education and applied experience while executive director of HackCville, a UVA-affiliated talent accelerator. He oversaw the growth of HackCville to over 1000 students per year.

Co-Founder, Husk Power Systems

Chip co-founded Husk Power Systems, one of the largest off-grid power companies in the world. Named 2008 Social Entrepreneur of the Year.


The Eolo Fellowship

Learn Business Development and apply your skills at a guaranteed Practicum Project with a leading company.

Amazing Instructors

You'll get daily seminars and face-to-face instruction with your expert instructor.

Build Your Resume

Work on projects that will highlight your industry knowledge, ability to learn quickly, and success with a great company partner.

Collaborative Group Projects

Work with other highly-motivated students on group projects. Make friendships that last well beyond the Fellowship.

Expert Sessions

You'll have 2+ industry expert "drop-ins" to facilitate real-world understanding of course concepts.

Tuition & Available Dates

Eolo Business Development Fellowship

6 weeks, online.
Program available
Session 2 and Session 3

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