Sustainability & Climate Change

Understanding climate change and sustainability will soon become of the most important tools in the business toolkit.

Learn critical trends and industry practices, better understand the tools used to conceive, analyze, and document sustainability adaptations, and work on a sustainability project for a leading company.


The Eolo Sustainability Fellowship includes:

Industry Overview

How climate change and sustainability will affect industries of all kinds. And what the best companies are doing to prepare.

Clean Energy Practices 101

A deep-dive on how and why different clean energy practices and technologies are employed by companies.

Analysis Tools

Learn the analysis tools used by sustainability experts to understand and plan their carbon emissions strategies.

Communication 101

Learn how to communicate the benefits, problems, and success stories of sustainable practices for businesses.

Presentation Skills

Hard skills are great, but soft-skills are the key to getting ahead in your career. Learn how to communicate your ideas with compelling pitches.

Connect with Experts

Multiple sustainability and clean energy experts will drop in for expert sessions and industry/career discussions.

Bevin McIntire.jpg

Meet Your Instructor

Prof Bevin Etienne is a 20+ year veteran of the renewable energy sector.

Assistant Professor, Public Ivy university.

Prof Etienne teaches entrepreneurship at a top-3 undergraduate business school. LinkedIn

PhD. in Mechanical Engineering

University of Maryland

Renewable Energy Engineer and Consultant

Prof Etienne has served as a renewable energy consultant for over 15 years.

Startup Founder, Advisor and Board Member

Prof Etienne built and sold his first renewable energy development company and now serves as an investor, advisor, and board member to sustainably-minded startups.


The Eolo Fellowship

Learn Sustainability and Climate Change and apply your skills at a guaranteed Fellowship with a leading company.

Amazing Instructors

You'll get daily seminars and face-to-face instruction with your expert instructor.

Build Your Resume

Work on projects that will highlight your industry knowledge, ability to learn quickly, and success with a great company partner.

Collaborative Group Projects

Work with other highly-motivated students on group projects. Make friendships that last well beyond the Fellowship.

Expert Sessions

You'll have 2+ industry expert "drop-ins" to facilitate real-world understanding of course concepts.

Tuition & Available Dates

Eolo Sustainability Fellowship

6 weeks, online.
Program available
Session 2 and Session 3

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