Venture Capital

Venture capitalists invest in the ideas and people that will shape the future.

Learn how venture capital works, meet industry players, and build critical skill used by venture capitalists to find, analyze, and invest in ground breaking startup ideas.


The Eolo Venture Capital Fellowship Includes:

Industry Overview

Where & How do VC’s invest? What do they look for? What does it talk to become a successful VC? What does a typical VC job look like?

Finding the Next Unicorn

Where & How do VC’s find successful investments? What makes a start-up VC backable?

Startup Investing Trends

What are the next hot sectors for early-stage investing? How to identify and invest in the next wave.

Terms and Valuation

How do VCs structure investments? What are typical VC terms? How do VCs determine valuation?

Growth and Scale

Managing hyper-growth and scale in a successful start-up? What are the primary reasons start-ups fail and how to avoid them.

Landing a Job in VC

What do venture funds look for in new hires? How to optimize your success in finding and landing a VC job.

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Meet Your Instructor

Brendan Richardson is a successful VC investor, startup founder, advisor, and educator.

Lecturer, Public Ivy university

Brendan teaches entrepreneurship and venture capital at a top-3 business school. LinkedIn

Ex-Venture Capitalist

Brendan was an early-stage venture capitalist for 12 years with Vision Capital.

Serial Entrepreneur

Brendan is currently co-founder and CEO of Astraea and has founded multiple other angel and venture-backed startup companies (Everactive / Mt Pleasant Health).

Angel Investor and Startup Board Member

Brendan has 10+ years of angel investing experience and sits on multiple company boards (LoftSmart, Intelligent Growth Solutions, Massana, Altitun, ChipIdea, Digilens, NanoMuscle).


The Eolo Fellowship

Learn Venture Capital and apply your skills at a guaranteed Project with a leading company.

Amazing Instructors

You'll get daily seminars and face-to-face instruction with your expert instructor.

Build Your Resume

Work on projects that will highlight your industry knowledge, ability to learn quickly, and success with a great company partner.

Collaborative Group Projects

Work with other highly-motivated students on group projects. Make friendships that last well beyond the Fellowship.

Expert Sessions

You'll have 2+ industry expert "drop-ins" to facilitate real-world understanding of course concepts.

Tuition & Available Dates

Eolo Venture Capital Fellowship

6 weeks, online.
Program available
Session 1 and Session 2.

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